Wednesday, December 27, 2006

welcome to another semester

well, already three semesters of life in cse@iitk has passed in what seems to me like a few seconds..i didn't even have faintest of ideas that time is indeed passing with an impeccable this point of time having looked back at the past year and a half i can say that this has easily been the hardest time i had to face in my small little journey to date ..rather it'd be better to put it this way that I'm the only person responsible for the sorry state of affairs in which I've managed to land myself in..
well, where is this journey leading to?will it be another long known story of the protagonist falling prey to the praises after a few initial successes and unable to live up to the increased expectations or will it be a saga of miraculous redemption and a return to form? there are aspirations n hopes that they'd b achieved..amidst all these feelings the time has come to show off one's mental as well as physical toughness over a period of next four and a half months during the demanding curriculum of iit kanpur .. we shall wait n see what is in store for us at the end of it..a repetition of unfulfilled aspiration or a grand return ..welcome to another semester...

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