Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I should start with none other than Pirates of the carribean-At world's End.A splendid movie it was with a truly complicated plot.It was not a movie that was made to just cash in on the goodwill of its prequels,because if that were the case the entry of Jack Sparrow(ooh I'm sorry..Captain..Captain Jack Sparrow)would not have been so delayed.Some dunderheads (I take the privilege of calling 'em so) found the movie boring because these self-proclaimed rational thinkers miss a point that one is ought to watch movies from an artistic perception rather than scientific.(I beg to differ in case of Sci-Fi which by the way is the most hated genre by me).The "calypso"part was refreshingly new added another dimension to the plot and of course made a lot of sense.I being an ardent Depp Fan would rate this movie somewhere around a good film and a must watch.

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