Thursday, May 1, 2008

Homecoming of the prodigal son

Yeah. I m back at it. I could not resist but to look upon blogging as catharsis. Now, I couldn't stop myself anymore from letting out my thoughts. And why not, after all so many things have changed in the past few weeks. Nothing is the same anymore. IPL has changed the public, media and business perception of cricket, Chelsea finally managed to get past their nemesis, the Supreme Court of India(the honorable is intentionally a worse mood would've replaced it with an expletive ), the ISRO had managed to place 10 satellites at a time into their respective orbits and above all I have topped in a course out here in IITK for the first time( and how!!). The world is all of a sudden a better place to live in ( or is this because of a change in perception?).

P.S:As always, not everything I pen down here makes sense.

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