Friday, February 27, 2009

The Big B

I reached the venue 45 minutes before time but had search for my interview hall in the huge and majestic Habitat World at India Habitat Center. My group had 8 people(including 2 girls) most of whom had work-ex ( Only 2 were freshers), in some cases as much as 3.5 yrs. :O The panel consisted of an Old Lady(Who at the end of my interview identified herself as Malathi) and a relatively young man (Anil Suraj), both from the area of Public Policy. Our Group discussion topic was whether India should spend on Manned mission to moon or instead should spend on addressing current issues like poverty, illiteracy etc. The GD was unexpectedly messy with 4-5 people ending up talking at the same time on some occasions. The girls were dominating but I could not stop them as it is suggested not to interrupt girls and also because there was a lady member in panel. :D I was also put in a corner that was close to the panel which made the matters that much tougher. I, literally, had to force my way into the discussion for the first couple of times. We had to write the summary of the GD in 10 minutes after 20 minutes of discussion.

Mine was the first interview. (From here on I will refer to lady as M and the guy as A)
(I tried to hand over the certis to the lady but she refused. The guy asked for them and looked at them.)
M:So, you are studying 4th yr in Comp Sci. at IIT Kanpur?
V:Yes, Ma'm.
M:When are you going to complete it?
V: By the end of April.
A: So, which political party do you support?
V:(perplexed at the first question)errrr.... BJP.
A: Why?
V:I am disgusted with pseudo-secularism etc etc.
A: Define secularism.
V:blah blah.
A:Ok. So, pseudo secularism is blah blah. and you believe its existing.
V:Quoted PM's statement "Minorities shall have the first right over the country's resources".
A: He did?
V: Yes, sir. He did at some conference.
A: But, these people are backward. You need to develop them etc.
V: Sure, the opportunities are there blah blah.
M: But not all people are at the same level.
V: I agree, but I don't think religion or caste as a basis of reservation is justified.
Then topic shifted to reservations, creamy layer etc etc.
A: But, who brought these reservations.
V: VP Singh.
A: No, thats okay but this creamy layer thing is proposed by BJP etc etc.
V: Every body is bad, its just the qstn of choosing the less evil.
(continuing) Lok Satta party in AP...
V: Then why did you say its the party that you support, I dint say it had to be popular one. etc etc

The discussion diverted a bit towards leadership, to be able to sell ideas etc etc

M:Ok. So, what is Chiranjeevi doing in AP.
V: Same mess. caste-based politics blah blah.
A:So, do you vote?
V: No, I didn't till now, I am getting my voter card.(:P)
A:IOMG! You are not entitled to have opinions. You don't even vote.
I explained that I was in the process of getting one.
A: (smiling) Ok. So, a committee has been set up. huh..
V: (smiling) Yes, sir.

A: How did the GD go?
Then we discussed about the GD, how it is, whether a position where a person is seated matters, if so, what should be the strategy of a person sitting in my place(corner) and whether or not I did it etc etc.
M:What if you don't get selected:
V: Work for sometime, then do an MBA. eventually wanna start off.
M:Any ideas?
V: No. but find get some (and sort of answered why MBA there itself)
A:Ok. So, what are your other interests?
blah blah
A:What's the special thing associated with Shakespeare's b'day.
A:Ok. FYI his DoB and DoD are the same!!
A:What do you think about the Oscar hype? Should we care?
Then I told them how much I hated Slumdog millionaire giving reasons and dismissed it as a masala film.

M:Ok. So, do you think it'd have won an oscar with an Indian as a director.
V: No. blah blah
Then some more discussion.

M and A: Ok. Ask us anything if you wanna ask?
blah blah.

The interview lasted for about 25-30 minutes with 0% acads. Couldn't have asked for more!

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