Thursday, April 19, 2007


"She"...listening her talking, chatting with her or even thinking about her for that matter makes me smile in a unique way..may be that is called a blush as many people say..what does she mean to may not be an exaggeration or a rush of blood to say that she's right up there in my wish list..just for the reason that I feel that 'm at my best when 'm in her company..I am more natural and more childish.I like to be lectured by her for doing some supposedly don't s .:P I love to be a spectator when she is in charge of the proceedings or having a go at me.. god!! I really love that..
Its an inexplicable feeling when some hitherto unknown magic takes you over .You will remain stranded and cherish the moments forever.Man!! I really miss those moments..having to spend 1 more month before listening to her..I never thought missing someone might be that tough and I surely have never ever even imagined in my wildest dreams that I'd say this for a girl..may be I was wrong..may be I was immature..may be I was right ..probably because she ain't any girl.she is "SHE".. :)

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