Monday, April 23, 2007

perfect start..

I am wondering what I am doing over her right now updating my blog instead of studying for the so called"phodu" course ,discrete mathematics..I just wanted to share my feelings on how yesterday's exam of computational methods went..It was an ideal exam to begin with because you can get away with meagre or I would say infinitesimal preparation(of course when compared to other courses) and to add to that was the luxury of being allowed to take a couple of A-4 sheets with stuff written on them.But this luxury almost ruined my party and gave me an initial scare during which I managed to solve only one problem out of eight in first forty-five minutes thanks to an error in the formula-sheet(I noticed that the same was the case with many, so there might be a case when instructor himself had faltered in lecture,of course i don't know because I have rarely been to class).But then I did not panic and always backed myself knowing that I could finish the paper off perfectly in time which was the case finally.This was quite the beginning I wanted and yeah this could in all probability get me an "A" grade for the first time here..

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