Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Yet another suicide..

It was the 26th day of april ..I was having my breakfast in the mess worrying about the Computer Organisation examination which I was scheduled to appear later that day.A mess worker who was serving water,told me"ek ladka train ke niche koodke sucide kar liya hai..aaj subah tin baje..aap koi bharadwaj ko jante hain kya..hall-5 mein jo bharadwaj tha wo yahin pe tha na pichele sal tak, ..gora sa..wo to padhai mein tej tha..".How could I possibly explain to the mess worker that all of the fellows at this world reputed institute are supposed to be the creme de la creme of the nation and it is indeed unfortunate that students commit suicides because of their inability to live up to the expectations of the people surrounding them.

I was surprised first to hear that yet another suicide had taken place in the campus ((though it shouldn't have been for since my first semster at this so called dream institution I have seen such an incident every semester during the endsem ).But this was a very disturbing experience.The person this time was a guy whom I knew very well and addressed "anna".I couldn't believe this and just hoped that it was not him but somebody else.(selfishness.. you know).I immediately rushed to my room to find out the details and confirm the identity . After contacting almost every senior I knew and after an hour or so ,that was confirmed.It was "him".
The reason behind this was stated to be academic deficiency leading to depression.I was very upset about it.
I still remember the lean, fair, childish ,soft spoken senior who did not know how to rag the juniors properly and hence took one of his senior's help and later on wanted me to recite some sacred hymns as a part of the same.
I had met him in our canteen about 3 days before the mishap and talked extensively for about an hour during which we counseled a junior .Never did I know that that was the last time I'd ever see him.

Oh ,my dear friend!! may your soul rest in peace.

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