Thursday, May 31, 2007

A month after a thorough rest

The title says everything about what is gonna follow in this post.A month hence the examinations life's so cool that very thought of having to spend two more years studying frightens me.aahh..these days...what a nice time I am having..I envy the life which I am leading right now..absolutely no one to nudge you.No sights of grading in the vicinity,staying a month away from the "continuous grading"mania of IITK has its usea I presume and of course we are making use of them to the fullest.People are supposed to pursue study under the guidance of faculty members which I suppose very few people do sincerely.As for me,speech recognition hasn't really taken off, but yes,the progress of the case study seems to be pretty encouraging.I have been busy most of this month taking my time off literally everything.

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